Picknbow Presents
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Giving musicians and singers something to sing about

Picknbow Presents brings together people who want to sing and play, whether it’s banjo, guitar, mandolin, bass, fiddle, piano, accordion, harmonica, ukulele, concertina, or maybe even tuba, come join Picknbow for music camps, concerts, jams, workshops, and open mikes.

Mark your calendar for the 2019 Picknbow Camp at the Old Murphey School, Durham, NC, Aug 23-25. Come on home to a great group of teachers and friends, to great classes, instructor and student concerts, the Saturday night potluck (family and friends can come, also to the concerts!), and an entire weekend of making music just because we love it.

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“Hi all. When Picknbow started in 2011, we had three instructors and 18 campers. My goodness, how things have grown since then! There is an entire community that has sprung up around the camp with activities that run throughout the year. Jon Shain and I started the Great Guitar Camp, which will be coming up on year seven next January. There are the ongoing Picknbow jams, house concerts and workshops. Who knows what the future brings — other than finding new ways of making our musical community better and better. No matter how it grows, or where it goes, the abiding core belief — that music making is for all of us, no matter our level of abilities — will always be the same. See you in August!” 

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Camp photos throughout this website are by Kevin Keister!